Even if I don't get kids with Esther Musila it's OK- Guardian Angel


• Guardian made it clear that child or no child his feelings for his wife were still deep and unwavering.

Guardian Angel with his wife Esther Musila.
Image: courtesy

Gospel artist Guardian Angel is opening up about the prospects of siring kids with his wife, businesswoman Esther Musila.

In an interview with a bunch of YouTube content creators, the artist expressed his openness to having children with his wife despite societal pressures.

He opened up on how mightily he'd praise the name of God if he were to sire a kid with Esther.

The two have a 19-year age gap that has always attracted public criticism coupled with so much online backlash. Guardian happens to be 34 years of age while his wife recently turned 53 years.

Speaking to the online channels the singer maintained that he would be super overjoyed if they had a child to cement their love and carry on his name, but he also accepted the likelihood that there is a possibility that it might not happen.

Above all Guardian made it clear that child or no child his feelings for his wife were still deep and unwavering.

"The best part about my marriage is that I love to be in my marriage. I love to love my wife.

 She means more to me than something to give me children. If I get an opportunity to have a kid with my wife, I'll thank God. If I don't, it's okay," he said.

 Guardian went on to reveal that his three step-children (Esther's kids from her previous marriage) are a big part of his life and he adores that. 

He argued that some people are blessed to have kids but are stuck in a loveless union and that's why he cherishes his wife so much because of the love the two share.

"My wife has children that are part of my life. Some people have gotten the opportunity to get married and have children, but they're not happy in their relationships," the gospel artist said. 

3 months ago while still being bombarded by questions about if they were planning on getting kids, Esther asked people to learn to mind their business.

"I always ask, my children, how is that someone's business? You don't know me so why are you telling me when to get a child? 

Will you raise them? will you provide for them? Why are you telling me to get a child, for an online follower? People should mind about their business." the agitated businesswoman said while addressing online media.

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