4 Ways to overcome loss

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

• Contrary to what many believe it is easy to restore what you have lost. The big question is how?

When Covid-19 hit many people lost.

Some lost their loved ones, other lost their jobs while others lost their relationships and their marriages.

Contrary to what many believe it is easy to restore what you have lost. The big question is how?

Other things people might have lost might include Friends' opportunities,Fame, grace or attention.

According to motivational speaker Sam West here are four pointers to use when claiming what was lost.

There are four keys to follow 

1. Self Examination

This means calling yourself for a meeting and asking your self what happened, that led to your current predicament.

Do not give excuses, nor self judge yourself.

2. Brokenness

This means reaching the end point and being remorseful enough to help yourself.

It means accepting you are in trouble and that you need help.

This can be done by visiting a counselor , seeking therapy or talking your pastor if need be.

Brokenness means accepting that you are at fault instead of shifting blame on other people.

This means not being proud and boastful.

3. Knowledge

Most people know what they what they want but they do not know how to get to what they want.

Some doors requires a push some require a pull, unless you know this you cannot access the door.

Like the wise man once said 'Little knowledge is very dangerous.'

4. Prophetic word

Say things, and manifest them happening to you.

Most people are struggling because they do not proclaim favour and restoration upon themselves.

Sam also advised men to be keen in providing for their women.

According to him it is paramount that a man provides Attention, Affection and Affirmation.

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