Jacque Maribe's warning to Eric Omondi about 'son's DNA test

Leave my name and my child out of your comedy Eric. I'm tired- Maribe warned.

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.Jacque has reacted to Erics' fresh claim about a DNA test

.Mpasho also reached out to Jacque for comment over the same

Jacque Maribe
Media personality Jacque Maribe

Journalist Jacque Maribe has asked Eric Omondi to refrain from mentioning her name in his daily drama.

Maribe's warning to Omondi comes at a time the comedian had insinuated that the former TV girl refused to do a DNA test to determine the paternity of her son Zahari.

"Mr and Mrs K were just chilling then boom, sijui people calling and texting ati someone called Eric is talking about you. Let me respond for the last time.

"Nimechoka na hii ujinga . I've kept quiet for a long. this liar called Eric should come correct or I come with receipts. and that's on period," Jacque Maribe said.

She went on to state that she is tired of Omondi using her name to chase clout.

"Let me tell you, Maina. I have resisted responding to this liar. He thinks parenting is part of his comedy. He lies about everything. Leave my name and my child out of your comedy Eric. I'm tired," Maribe warned.

Jacque Maribe's post

In a recent Interview on Milele FM, Omondi seems to have provoked Maribe to the point of her issuing the tough warning.

Eric following prodding from Ankali shared that there is a challenge in determining who Jacque's son's biological dad is.

He says he is not sure, "Sasa sijui. Sijui mimi but haina shida."

Eric said that he also pays child support now and then.

"Muda mwingine natekeleza but muda mwingine pia," he continued.

He hinted that a DNA test is a problem, as Ankali asked him why they didn't do a DNA to settle the problem once and for all.

"Umeipata bro barikiwe sana, ndio hiyo bro ushanielewa kabisa. Hio mambo umeipata ndio hiyo bro. Kukue na amani. Watu wengi wameshindwa kusema lakini umesema bro," Eric admitted as much.

Eric told Ankali that he is eager to do a test to determine paternity, "Kuna venye nimekuwa nikitaka," he continued as Ankali demanded confirmation if Jacque is the problem.

"Baaas ..sitaki kuongelelea sujui kuna laywer nini, lakini napenda venye wewe umeishika. Kuna orders sitaki kuongelelea sasa nimefurahi venye umesema wewe."

He also reiterated to Ankali that the unborn baby with his Girlfriend Lyn is his first-ever child.

"Wa kwanza kabisa, wa kwanza. Mungu amenibariki ni wangu huyu," he shared.

Mpasho reached out to Jacque following the claims and at first she just laughed it off.

Jacque Maribe reacts to Eric Omondi DNA claim
Jacque Maribe reacts to Eric Omondi DNA claim
jacque maribe reacts after Eric Omondi talks of their 'sons' DNA requirement
jacque maribe reacts after Eric Omondi talks of their 'sons' DNA requirement

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