Y'all mediocre! Melina Gold barks at Kenyan artists

Melina voiced Sauti Sol were the only artists holding the Kenyan torch high

• Melina Gold is a fashion designer/CEO

• She was sharing her displeasure with Sauti Sol breaking up as everyone else is mediocre

Kenyan fashion designer criticizes Kenyan artists calling them and their fashion sense mediocre
Melina Gold Kenyan fashion designer criticizes Kenyan artists calling them and their fashion sense mediocre
Image: Instagram

Kenyan fashion designer/ CEO  Melina Gold has shared her disappointment towards Sauti Sol breaking up.

Melina feels the group has held the Kenyan spotlight always representing us from their outfit choices to their melodious, catchy hits. The CEO feels there is no one in the entertainment industry that can match up to the group's charismatic ways.

She referred to the remaining artists as mediocre struggling artists. Not sure if she was referring to their fashion sense/outfit choices, music and tunes or both.

"Yaani for years these guys have held our industry, big clap. The rest is mediocre shiii....the only recognizable name you can mention in any country to represent kenya is Sauti Sol. The rest is just people doing mathogothanio calling themselves artists," started off the fashion designer.

She went on to fault veteran artists for not carving a mark for themselves given all the time they have been in the scene.

"Artists like @le_laika should know the space is empty. These local celebs have had years to fix but wamelalaaa," added Melina,

Taking shots at some of the names that have been making waves in the industry or people self proclaiming themselves as the very best, Melina called them jokers pointing out they were an embarrassment to the country.

"Sasa ati KRG the Don ndio watu wana trend claiming to be the top artists? What a joke!" Melina said devoid of any bashfulness.

Finishing off she quipped;

"Eric Omondi naye alichoka na nyinyi, although he is currently fighting for everything (lol) si wasanii, si economy.

Willy Paul Msafi came claiming to be bigger than Diamond ehe? Willy how do you even compare?" The last of the entrepreneur's long rant read.

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