Angela hitmaker Boutross Munene responds to critic of his music

Boutross Munene is gaining fame and fortune for his Angela song

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.The genre is shrap
.Konshesn is working on a remix

Angie Baddie hitmaker Boutross Munene
Angie Baddie hitmaker Boutross Munene

Kenyan musician Boutross Munene has responded to critics of his music.

The Angela hitmaker's music style is shrap - sheng and rap.

That shrap culture has also confused a fan who has criticized his genre. The fan wrote on Twitter tagging the rapper to express his thoughts.

"@polo_kimani wrote his displeasure........"If you listen to what they call Kenyan hip-hop today you'll be very disappointed, Butross, What does he rap Buana? I envy the days when we had Kina Juliani na kina Proff Jay and the likes,hizo raia zilikua zinaimba sense, there was a message in the music which made it more interesting".


Boutross responded, "I'm sure Hujawahi sikia Albums zangu because to come up with such mediocre comments means You know nothing about my Shrap S**t Live in the present my G."

@Ndaire_Huyo hawezi elewa🤣

@maulid_ke is the best thing that happened to Kenyan rap. He changed everything.

@mutu_999Hawajui venye ulianza tene like 7 years ago enzi za AD Family Kenya sasa muziki imekuwezesha kufanya shughuli 1..2..3.. na Konshens hadi

@chisesoiShrap over the rest

This genre has captured national attention, with his Angie Baddie song receiving massive airplay.

"Angela was by mistake type of song," he revealed. 

They were in the studio early before they were expected, and "That one hour turned out to be the biggest track even bigger than the one we were set to do on that day" He explained.

He and Juice Mann were freestyling and recorded it.

"The Angela thing just opened a whole new universe to me, we didn't even imagine could open,"

He is supposed to do a remix with Konshens, plus another surprise artiste.

Konshens gave fans a snippet of what it may sound like on February 3rd. 2023. The snippet sent his fans to declare excitement for the unreleased track.

"Konshens wrote on Twitter that..."At this point, if @GMONEYizME asks me to do a verse on a Rock n roll song I'm gonna do it asap💪🏾. Respect always for introducing me to my Kenyan FAMILY 🇰🇪 big up @Boutross_Munene track is 🔥🔥"

The song Angela has three million views on youtube, while it has garnered over a billion likes on Tiktok.

"This is beyond, I just have an appreciation for this," he told in a past interview.

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