Anerlisa reveals the 7 traits of a 'useless man'

The entrepreneur has been giving relationship advise on her Instagram page

• This is not the first time the 35-year-old has criticized men who are active on social media.

Anerlisa Muigai highlights biggest red flags in a man
Image: Instagram/Anerlisa Muigai.

Nero Water CEO Anerlisa Muigai shortly after giving pointers on red flags and how to spot them is now advancing the "class" to useless men.

Anerlisa in a post on her Instagram stories, went on to list a few pointers that she truly feels are helpful in spotting a man/partner who is 100 percent “useless” and you should totally keep away from.

“Saggy pants, earrings, lip licking, empty wallet, very active on social media, always available, and always likes every woman’s post or picture. Useless 100%,” pointed out the social media personality who seems to have turned into a relationship coach of late.

This is not the first time the 35-year-old has criticized men who are active on social media.

A few weeks ago via her Instagram stories the entrepreneur shaded men who are always online doing nothing. According to Anerlisa, no serious man is on social media all the time.

She maintained that focused men are not on social media and in case they are, they are inactive.

"A serious man will not have Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat all at the same time. The most serious and focused men are not on social media and if they are, they are very inactive... At least a bigger %." Anerlisa noted.

Anerlisa Muigai
Image: Instagram

A month ago while speaking about red flags from romantic partners the Keroche breweries heiress maintained that red flags are always visible from the 1st week you meet someone. Sometime people can hide them well but within 6 months maximum all the signs are out there.

"Truth is, RED FLAGS are always visible in the first week, month, and if you want to stretch it, 6 months. The problem is you think they will change, they hardly do and if they do, they only change to please you but trust, when they get comfortable, the Red Flags will start showing again." Anerlisa wrote

She went on to add that in her case she chose to ignore said red flags in her ex-partners and this greatly did cost her.

"Don't ignore the Red Flags in the beginning and especially the alarming ones. Stay woke and save yourself early from wasting your time," advised the entrepreneur.

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