Anerlisa warns: RED FLAGS are always visible in the 1st week

The Nero Water CEO claims she ignored red flags in her relationships

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She was referring to a friend's dramatic life.

• Kenyans are also discussing Dj Brownskin's wife's suicide.

Anerlisa admits she ignored red flags in her relationships
Anerlisa admits she ignored red flags in her relationships

The events leading to the death of Dj Brownskin's wife through suicide have been trending online as Kenyans debate about marriages gone wrong.

Sharon Njeri died last year, but a video of her attempting suicide and an explanation of what she had been going through in her troubled marriage, got tongues wagging.

Anerlisa has taken to her Instagram to ask Kenyans their take on red flags in relationships, asking people to share relationship red flags they ignored

Anerlisa also opened up saying that in some of her relationships, there were warning signs that had cropped up as early as the first date.

"My plan was not to caption, but I just remembered a conversation I had yesterday with a friend who is going through a tough time. This is what I told her after I had lived in denial for the longest."

She continued her confession,

"Truth is, RED FLAGS are always visible in the first week, month, and if you want to stretch it, 6 months. The problem is you think they will change, they hardly do and if they do, they only change to please you but trust, when they get comfortable, the Red Flags will start showing again."

She chose to ignore this in her ex-partners

"*Don't ignore the Red Flags in the beginning and especially the alarming ones. Stay woke and save yourself early from wasting your time."

The Executive Water CEO said it was unbelievable, that she made a mistake by ignoring red flags indicating that she should not have gotten into the relationship in the first place.


People are now sharing their own red flags. Some of them are below;

greycjohnsons @anerlisa borrowing money all the time,always on phone,unending excuses,a liar,kwanza a petty one,flirtous

janewangari17 @anerlisa being mean to people who have lower ranking jobs than you such as waiters, watchmen etc. Another one is showing anger outrightly or fighting others because it's only a matter of time before that aggression is directed your way.

frankgichuk Late returning of calls or calling back, lies of locations & wrongful without apology no for me..

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