The 4 qualities that drew Akothee to much-older baby daddy

"Age is just a number," she explained


• Akothee faced questions about how she met the father of her youngest child and why she dated him despite the huge age gap between them.

Papa Oyoo with Akothee.
Image: Instagram

On Sunday, renowned Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth aka Akothee had an explanation for her two young children living in France, Prince Ojwang and Prince Oyoo.

The two confronted their mother who is currently visiting them in France with questions about how she met the father of her last child and why she dated him despite the big gap between their ages.

Akothee met her third baby daddy, Mr Dominic Decherf a decade ago and they dated for a while before they broke up.

Dominic's real age is not clear but it is obvious that he has beaten Akothee by many years. "Age is just a number. Dad (Dominic) was strong and looked very good. He was tall and loving," the musician explained to her sons when asked why she loved him despite his age.

Akothee made it clear that her baby daddy who lives in France was the one who fell in love with her and then they started a relationship.

"When I met father (Dominic), Alfons was only one month old, father invited me to Djibouti. I went and Alfons treated me like a queen. He bought me a ticket to the business area with the child, it was my first time in the business area," Akothee told her son Oyoo.

The 43-year-old musician hinted that their relationship began to fall apart after Mr. Dominic focused all his attention on their son and seemed to forget others.

She complained that he was very protective of his son and would even forbid other people to touch him.

"Dominic came in and all the attention on Dominic and all the other people in the house were nothing to him," she said.

Akothee met Dominic a few months after falling out with the father of her second last child, who she claimed had kicked her out while she was pregnant.

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