TikToker Nyako Pilot fiercely warns Andrew Kibe after being called 'Bootleg Akothee'

Drama has unfolded between Kibe and Nyako over his comments about her TikTok content

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Kibe has called Nyako too old to be disclosing her private details online.

• Nyako has threatened him with dire action.

andrew kibe and Nyako pilot go head to head in latest beef
andrew kibe and Nyako pilot go head to head in latest beef

Kenyan TikToker Nyako Pilot has hit out at Andrew Kibe for commenting about her negatively on his YouTube channel.

Kibe on his channel Thursday, May 18 called her a 'bootleg Akothee'. "She is online screaming, usipatie Mjaluo doh, they will never let you sleep."

He blasted her for bragging about being abroad. The social commentator said, "There is nothing as disgusting as seeing an old woman talking nonsense," he said in his opinion.

Nyako warned Kibe and at the same time threatened to take action against him. She said Kibe is unable to attack Americans because of their strong privacy laws, compared to Kenyans where Kibe takes advantage of gaps in Kenyan law to abuse women.

"I know how America works, nitaje tena na hiyo mdomo yako inanuka kwanza naenda Kenya. I can even go to the American embassy and report you," Nyako screamed at Kibe on a TikTok live session.

She added;

"Nifungulie iyo mdomo yako ina nuka tena ati you are looking for views. Uta pata hizo views, utanipata Kenya. You are joking with American system, umeshinda umebully watu umebully watu nobody says nothing about that Andrew Kibe, because Andrew Kibe has the last say about women, acha Andrew Kibe," she launched into her native language

"You have knocked on the wrong door the wrong hmmm," she warned as she finished.

This beef has excited Kenyans who are thrilled with the drama between the two.

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