Vitu zimeramba! Akothee follows through on threat to Andrew Kibe

The former radio presenter has targeted the singer/businesswoman since her famous wedding a month ago

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The mom of 5 has gone through with the warning that she had issued to the famous provocateur. 

akothee sues kibe for use of her brand name
akothee sues kibe for use of her brand name

When Madam Boss warned netizens against clout chasing with her name, she was serious. The mother of five has sent a letter to Andrew Kibe.

"She got carried away playing the internet games, why, what's wrong with you," Kibe tells after receiving her lawyer's letter.

Part of the letter reads;

'Unauthorized use of our clients brand name and or content on your social media platforms our client Esther Akoth'. We have instructions to act for our named client which we do hereby address you hereunder.'

Andrew then mocks the lawyers, "Mbona huwezi ongea kizungu inaelewekana?" the social commentator chips in.

The letter then goes on to say;

'It has come to our attention that vide the social media platforms but not limited to your youtube channel and Instagram you have been uploading our client's photos and tagging her without her authorization.'

Andrew then asks, "Is this a prank, what sham is this? Look at their logo, what rubbish is this? Akothee are you sure you are getting the right lawyers for this job?" he asks.

The letter continues, 'We have also been informed that you have used obnoxious foul and degrading language against our client and or images with the aim of not only injuring her character but also causing anguish, pain and or suffering to her family members, continues the letter.'

The letter demands he ceases uploading Akothee's content.

"I mean come on. I am talking about you, so you should be happy whether it's been good or bad, wtf is this?" Andrew laughs off the content of the letter on his YouTube channel.

"Hii letter haina akili, this is the most nonsensical sh**. You guys know I have done the most nonsensical sh**, You guys know my stories, you know the kind of sh** I've done You know I am not a good man, I've done many crazy nonsensical sh**things why would you do this Akoth, this is very un Luo of you, there are no big words, there is no fancy paper, its been sent on. Is it a joke, ?" Kibe finishes his reaction.

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