Victor Peace weighs in on whether marriage to Cece Sagini would have survived

Victor and Cece did not reveal what caused their breakup.

• Sagini is an artist while Victor works in the IT world.

• The couple had been married for four years.

in a file photo
Cece Sagini with Victor Peace in a file photo
Image: Instagram

IT Guru Victor Peace, Ex-husband to Cece Sagini says not marrying early might have saved him some things.

He was speaking during a session on The Joy Ride Show, Victor shared

"In your experience do you think if you got married later, you would have saved your relationship from ending prematurely?" Asked a fan

To which he responded

"Being the age I am now, I would be keen on seeing some signs way before and wouldn't be embarking on the journey. Getting married late would have helped me come with a more clear mind, rather than the child I was."

Cece and Peace parted ways after four years of being married.

The two former love birds announced their split via coordinated posts on social media, saying the break up was ultimately necessary for their general well-being and holistic happiness.

“After 4+ years of walking this journey as the best of friends, with much prayer and consideration, we have decided to come to the end of our road. As we once shared our journey publicly, it is in the same spirit that we share this statement, "the posts shared on their accounts read.

Without going into the specifics, the couple who made a name for themselves, running a Youtube channel dubbed ‘the Peaces" claimed the split was not due to ‘salacious events’ but mutual respect and understanding.

“Coming to this decision was tough but necessary for our general well-being and holistic happiness. There are no salacious events at the root of our decision. We still cherish our friendship and wish each other the very best,”

Sagini, a high-flying musician, and Victor, an award-winning photographer, got hitched sometime in 2015.

The couple got engaged in November 2015 after Peace made a public proposal on live TV, just moments after Cece capped a stage performance on the Trend.

In 2017, the couple exchanged marital vows at an intimate garden wedding, surrounded by a coterie of friends and family.

They would later launch a successful online show in which they took viewers through the clockwork that made their union tick.

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