Manzi wa Kibera breaks up with her 66-year old fiancé

Wambo aka Manzi wa Kibera has shared the sad news

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Manzi was already shopping for a wedding gown.

• Her 66 year old proposed a month ago.

Manzi Wa Kibera with her mubaba.
Image: Instagram/Manzi Wa Kibera

Four days ago socialite Manzi wa Kibera was happily taking her fiance to shop for her wedding dresses.

She has always desired a big white wedding. She was even gearing up to do an HIV test with her bae before tying the knot.

The couple did not give any indication that anything was wrong with their relationship.

While sharing a video of the dress she had tried on, Wambo aka Manzi wa Kibera happily told her fiance how she would carry her wedding dress.

He looked at her lovingly as she chatted about her big day.

That dream to walk down the aisle and say yes to the love of her life is no more.

Wambo has indicated that the couple may have split, barely a month after he proposed to her. 

The '22' year old socialite expressed her sadness in a video where she recalled all the things Kenyans told her about dating an older man.

"Some words are very hurtful 😔😔😔" she wrote about her heartbreak. "Ati mi nadate ancestor, ati mzae hana nguvu, ngai sasa hizo ni vitu gani mnamabia mtu surely. "

"Na venye hii mapenzi yangu na mzae imeshika aki mnanihuzunisha" she confesses.

Her fiance is 66 years old. They have never had a problem with their age difference, and in fact preached against shaming them.

She calls him mzae and he refers to her as Kanini Kaseo in Kamba. The 'Mzee' has never wanted to reveal his identity, all we know is that he is a widower.

The couple spoke to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko two months ago where Wambo said she met her man he was a clothes trader. She forgot her handbag and when she returned for it, they began their romance.

They have since been defending their relationship as many Kenyans see it as clout chasing. Wambo told Kioko that they had decided to be celibate until their wedding night, just to be sure about their love for one another.

She added that their first time would automatically lead to a child being conceived.

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