Mboya: Man dumped by Kwale gf says heartbreak similar to Freshly Mwamburi's

Kevin relates to Freshly Mwamburi's heartbreak story of Stella betraying the singer Kevin Mboya:

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.Kevin Mboya has opened up about how he stayed moptivated and healing
.Kevin recently won a green card

kevin mboya relates to freshly mwamburi heartbreak story
kevin mboya relates to freshly mwamburi heartbreak story

Kevin Mboya: Man dumped by Kwale girlfriend says heartbreak similar to Freshly Mwamburi

Kevin Mboya, the man who went viral in January for being dumped by his girlfriend after travelling from Nairobi to Kwale with flowers to see her, is now comparing his life to that of Stella Wangu hitmaker Freshly Mwamburi.

Mboya on his Twitter account told that he related to Freshly committing himself to a woman, then being cruelly dumped and suffering heartache.


:On a day like today, 17th May 1989, a man in love, Freshly Mwamburi, abandoned all things in his life and walked all the way to the JKIA (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport) to receive Stella his first-ever girlfriend. However, on that day, he was disappointed and heartbroken, but he never gave up. "

Freshly Mwamburi recalls this moment every year, in a song called Stella Wangu. He went to the airport to pick up Stella who was returning home after completing her education.

The song tells of his disappointment on seeing her carrying a child. He felt betrayed that he had invested in her education.

Stella has on her part defended herself saying the child she was holding was of a Japanese couple she met on the plane and needed help disembarking the aircraft.

Kevin has also penned how he became motivated after the breakup.

"Personally, the moment my relationship ended in Kwale, a light in my life was extinguished. What no one told me was when one light disappears, a new brighter light takes its place. The catch is that it doesn’t appear right in front of you, it has to be found.

The hardest obstacle of my post-breakup healing was not what I expected. I was told the hardest part of a breakup is getting through the heartbreak, the sadness, and the loss. I don’t disagree that these aspects were difficult to overcome, but, they definitely weren’t the toughest obstacles," he says. 

He has learnt a lot from his heartbreak and how to stay motivated.

"After my heartbreak, my body instinctively did everything it could to eliminate the pain. Some of the reactions were counterproductive, like trying to contact my ex which made me feel worse every time. On the other hand, the productive things I did create many positive changes in my life.

This might be hard to believe, but the period after heartbreak is the most motivated a person is ever going to be and this is a very logical connection. When the heart breaks, the body naturally goes into full survival mode and every little action is deliberate towards healing the heart. That’s why some of the greatest achievements we have were accomplished as a result of heartbreak; they were created out of a necessity to survive."

Kevin recently told me that he won a green card.

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