Manzi Wa Kibera gets engaged in wonderful proposal (video)

The socialite is now off the market

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She has been manifesting a wedding.

• She has been with her man for some time.

Manzi Wa Kibera with her old man.
Image: Instagram/Manzi Wa Kibera

2023 is going to be a big year for Manzi Wa Kibera. The socialite is now engaged after a surprise proposal by her 66-year-old boyfriend.

She has been manifesting this relationship milestone for quite some time and a couple of months back said she would be happy if he proposed to her.

The romantic moment went down outside a local entertainment spot. Wearing a red two piece suit, Wambo appeared so shocked she could not hold back her joy.

She was so overcome that after handing him her hand to put the ring on the finger, Manzi jumped up and down in happiness.

In fitting Kenyan fashion, he went down on one knee, holding out the ring for all to see it and proposed with friends surrouding them. They cheered him on as Wambo cried.

She said 'yes' and they hugged and kissed severally to seal the deal. However we don't get a clear picture of the engagement ring.

Thereafter he spoke to her privately while showing her hand. She giggled and they walked away holding each other.

Once the newly-engaged couple finished their intimate celebration, the couple headed out in a car.

Hours before the proposal, Wambo had shared a picture of her man's outfit for the day, looking handsome as she captioned it "My moose".

Then she added a video of the two in a car on the back seat where they admired the ring once more, kissing her hand.

"f you l❤️ve put a 💍 on it…" she shared.

The socialite has this year been manifesting marriage and in an interview a month ago, told YouTuber Nicholas Kioko that she believes their relationship will lead to marriage and eventually children.

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