Celestine Ndinda has made a firm decision about getting baby no. 3

Mother of two Celestine Ndinda has spoken out about adding another child

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She is already a mother of two boys.

Njugush with Wakavinye
Image: Instagram

Since giving birth nine months ago, Celestine Ndinda has been focused on raising her children and of course hustling with her husband.

The mother of two has delighted her fans with tales about raising her boys. She is glad that she has grown into her role since welcoming her first child.

However she is facing some pressure to add onto her family. Taking to her YouTube channel, Cele has gone down memory lane of how she found out about her second pregnancy.

In a recap to her journey for baby number two, Cele added,

"There's a video I did baby number two there was so much speculation of baby number two. People were asking those questions, so thats what made me do a video. There were so many questions."

"I kept wondering if there was a jackpot for baby number two the way I was being pressured. Anyway baby number two came, and there was no jackpot. Hakuna kitu mlikuwa mnataka, hakuna jackpot iliekelewa, turia is now nine months."

Her children are Tugi, who is five and Toria, who is 9 months. What about baby number three?

"There are no more babies, please hehe, no," Wakavinye laughed.

"There is so much power in kutamka, but I am so happy."

How does she know she is done having kids? She is decluttering and one thing she got rid of was a baby rocker that she has been holding onto for five years.

She now says she has let go of it. "Kama kaswing nilipeana juzi."

She had bought it way before her first born child Tugi who did not want to use it. She held onto it for the second child, and now she is done.

"Juzi nilipeana rocker, nilikuwa nalia machozi but thats how you know I amdone, for five years until juzi nikipeana niliambia huyo dame chukuwa tuu apo ndo you know Celestine is done. I am done, done."

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