Njugush's special reason for proposing to Celestine in the UK

Njgush proposed to his wife Celestine after arriving in the UK

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Njugush and Cele are officially married
• The couple has two kids.

Image: Instagram

Njugush Creatives Limited spread its wings to the UK, where the lovely couple entertained Kenyans abroad.

They have returned and spoken about the appreciation they felt from Kenyans in the UK.While in the UK, Timothy proposed to Celestine.

The viral marriage proposal excited their fans.Speaking to media at the airport Tuesday, May 9, the couple told why it happened, yet they are already married.

Njgush said

"It's always an issue that I never proposed when we got married. inakuwa wewe unataka watoto wangapi haiya juu sasa tukioana ilikuwa kaende sana, so now that I can be able to propose, kil amahali naenda tunapropose, "

Celestine explained why some people thought it was a joke, but it was real "We were told that many proposals happen there, so...

" She did not get a chance to finish her explanation as Njugush interrupted."Noooo, you are spoiling, unaharibu" He told Cele as he added to the media

"Thank you so much for your questions "Celestine also added, "He made the right decision, maybe I was not supposed to say".

The comedian gushed over her

"Now that I can be able to propose kila mahali napropose, Australia tunafanya harusi,"

Those days spent away from her two children also made Celestine feel like she wanted to leave.

She was experiencing mum guilt being away from her children.

"Nilifika ikaisha, like well, we talked and I felt some guilt but they were in safe hands, nimewamiss sana, but you adjust, coz mos of the time I am with them, so you adjust"

The Through Thick and Thin tour comes to Nairobi residents on May 27 at the KICC.

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