Abel Mutua shares what it feels like working with his wife Judy

The Wakurugenzi's are a movement recognized in the film industry

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Abel gushes over Judy
• Judy is a well known producer and scriptwriter

Abel Mutua with his wife Judy Nyawira.
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Judy Nyawira Mutua is the best wife and manager.

The testimony to her wonderful nature was been told a week ago by Njgush who revealed that Judy managed his career for some years and made him rich.

During a recent interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Njugush got candid about why he hired Judy to manage him and his wife Celestine Ndinda a.k.a Wakavinye.

The comedian told that he and Cele were overwhelmed by the workload and they approached Judy to hire someone for them because she knows the industry.

Judy called them back saying she had found a perfect fit. They met and Judy disclosed she was the right fit.

There was no contest from Njugush and Cele. They hired her. Together they set up a company, developed a rate card, and created logos to streamline their work.

And now her husband Abel agrees wholly.

On Celestine Ndinda's youtube Friday, May 12, The two couples sit down to discuss their friendship and business acumen.

"Judy comes with some sense of security," Abel told Celestine who cheered him on.

The response stemmed from a question Celestine asked about how he and Njugush can work with their respective spouses.

"mnaskianga aje working with your wife, like Judy anakujua Abel, ni move tuu moja na akumalize, coz huko inje tunajua kidogo...but imaagine wewe you work with her like."

How does it feel?

"It's the best thing ever like I swear manze, nashindagwa why wazae wetu hawaku experiment na hii kitu.

Unajua maze uki Judy anacome na some sense of security, yenye ni hard uipate hupo inje.

By the way not even once nimekaa kwa keja nikasema Judy anaweza ni under cut ananifanyisha kazi hapa za 50k, na kumbe amechukuwa 300k."

Celestine agreed and said she has never thought Judy would undercut her when she calls about a possible job offer.

Abel agreed and added

"Me for that's everything and the fact that msee mwenye anakujua vizuri anakurepresent. I am very comfortable Judy akienda meeting juu ananijua, anajua capabilities zangu, she knows how far I can stretch"

He added,

"She has my best interests at heart, so any day wacha tucheze hapa."

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