Daddy Owen reacts to criticism over latest campaign

The singer believes that with collective effort club foot can be eradicated in 10 years

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.He was criticized for displaying children with such conditions.

daddy owen creating awarenes sabout cleft foot disease
daddy owen creating awarenes sabout cleft foot disease

Daddy Owen has lately been creating awareness about disability more so the club foot affecting young ones.

His latest effort however has drawn criticism, with some saying he is using disability to clout chase. Owen has defended himself against such accusations.

"Yesterday someone commented on my Facebook page "kwani ni must upost ukisaidia watu" , it dint bother or faze me, with a career span of 20 years in the Gospel Ministry I have seen it all, grew a thick skin and understood my MISSION long time ago. But the comment clearly made me realise I need to POST EVEN MORE on how much we are transforming lives in the society & plebs through my Foundation MALAIKA DISABILITY FOUNDATION. "

In a long post online he is not bothered by such comments, saying that it only encourages him to provide more public awareness about club foot.

"I started MALAIKA DISABILITY FOUNDATION in 2012 through an Award ceremony dubbed MALAIKA TRIBUTE AWARDS, where we have been awarding 10 PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES each year who have found ingenious ways to create an impact in society, as well as organizations, small and large that have shown commitment to the lives of PWDs."

The singer added that most parents don't know it can be corrected at infancy, and so society can help create awareness.

"My reasons for posting as u can see is to create AWARENESS, information is not out there that more than 80% of PHYSICAL DISABILITIES can be CORRECTED in infancy. Thats why I have a VISION of ERADICATING conditions like CLUB FOOT in the next 10 years! Most of ths kids I post here have already received deserved interventions, I do follow ups mpaka kwa theatre! I talk thr surgeons, teachers and parents!"

He says he has begun a door-to-door campaign to tell parents that their children can be treated if action is taken early, plus the availability of corrective surgery

"I don't post for likes or views, thats for "celebrities". I POST to help others, from my last slide u can see people in my inbox seeking HELP and we make sure we help where we can, av met partners/well-wishers/donors through my posting, av transformed so many lives through my posts, and more importantly the projects that I have done like HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, SPECIAL-NEEDS schools/CHILDRENS HOMES..etc and I have not posted exceeds what I post! I stopped looking at myself as a celebrity, I believe I am a LEADER, MINISTER, ACTIVIST, PHILANTHROPIST and a CULTURE-SHAPING ICON.!!!"

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