Daddy Owen: The church should forcefully condemn cults

He also gave reasons as to why people join cults


• He is one of the few gospel artists who has decided to talk about the Kilifi based cult by Mackenzie

Daddy Owen
Image: Instagram

Daddy Owen has urged the clergy and the church to stand against the detestable acts led by men of God.

Through his Instagram page, the singer also condoled with the families that have been affected further explaining that;

"The church and the clergy should come out and condemn to the highest degree whatever is happening in Kilifi! This is heinous, malevolent, and wicked! I want to extend my condolences to all the families affected, With heartfelt sympathy and prayer for comfort, I ask GOD to comfort them during this time of pain and sorrow."

The gospel musician also gave his take on the issue of joining cults as he explained that people join cults because;

"Many who become part of such organizations have troubled backgrounds and difficulty fitting into society. They might also feel mainstream culture has no place for them and nothing of spiritual value to offer either." 

"Insidious mark of a cult is that it ignores or distorts the Gospel of Jesus Christ." He expounded that most cults are led by a dynamic, charismatic leader who eventually controls and manipulates his or her followers, and surprisingly, most cult leaders grew up in a Christian environment.

Owen also claimed that cult leaders tend to ignore, confuse, add to, and/or demean the teachings of the Bible. 

This comes when Pastor Paul Mackenzie has been trending for allegedly brainwashing his followers and congregants by instructing them to starve themselves in order to "meet Jesus".

This is after mass graves were found on his land in Shakahola as detectives continue to exhume bodies and it is believed that they were followers of Mackenzie.

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