Daddy Owens warns church leaders over Mackenzie cult horror

The saga surrounding Pastor Paul Mackenzie has upset the gospel singer

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The Kilifi cult has upset Daddy Owen.

• He speaks out about what other church leaders are doing/not doing about it.

Daddy Owen.
Image: Instagram

Daddy Owen has weighed in on the saga surrounding the cult Pastor Mackenzie has been leading.

In a heavily worded statement, the gospel singer makes it clear that fellow church leaders are not eager to speak out against the acts of one of their own, leading to the deaths of innocent Kenyans.

The number of exhumed bodies stands at 90 while rescued individuals are 30 as of Tuesday, April 25.

"I still believe the so-called 'big pastors' should come out and release statements against the heinous acts of pastor Mackenzie, lest they wait until the push for 'churches should be regulated' narrative to heat up for them to come out later and claim that the church is being castigated and vilified. Come out and control the narrative now. Polite opinion🙏🏿"

The controversial Kilifi preacher has been leading a cult in an 800-acre land where graves were discovered following the highlighting of his church activities.

Over the past couple of days, Owen on his Instagram has condemned the Pastor for sharing screenshots of newspaper publications to issue harsh remarks. He insists pressure should be applied to bring to an end cultism

"Whatever is happening in Kilifi is quite unfortunate! If/when found guilty, all concerned parties should be arrested!"

Mackenzie is in police custody for allegedly indoctrinating his followers to starve themselves to death, in order "to meet Jesus."

Meanwhile, his family has defended him against accusations of indoctrinating his followers to fast to their deaths saying he is innocent.

In an interview with Citizen TV aired on Tuesday, his younger brother Robert Mbatha Mackenzie said the preacher is a role model child, kind and incapable of murder.

"Lakini kama mimi kivyangu sikubaliani nao kwa sababu brother yangu namjua. Brother yangu hawezi ua mtu na akazika," he said.

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