Milly Wa Jesus: I stopped wearing my wedding ring because it's cheap

Milly wa Jesus only wants a new ring costing from sh300,000 and above

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She is allergic to cheap rings
• She has informed her husband she won't wear a cheap ring

Kabi Wajesus
Image: Instagram

Milly wa Jesusu has revealed she has not been wearing her wedding ring.

The content creator has been touring Turkey, shopping for their business. In addition, they are also taking time out for relaxation.

Milly and Kaabi are hanging out together with Simon and Sarah Kabu.

"For those who keep asking mbona sina ring I will start wearing one ile siku Kabi wa Jesus will get me a ring costing $2300 and nothing less. I am allergic to cheap rings" she captioned in a video shopping in a mall.

Kabi and Milly go to a jeweler where her choice costs $2300

"What do you think?" she asks her husband.

He responds "Well .."

She adds

"No, no no, I told you I'm not going to wear a cheap ring." she fiercely tells him.

.Milly and Kabi have been married for six years.

Milly and Kabi got married in 2017 and welcomed their firstborn child Taji WaJesus in 2019.

Their hashtag as married content creators sis #marriageworks, and they will be doing a podcast to that effect.

She recently got social media talking after declaring she is the most loved wife.

The mother of two boldly claimed the launch of Kenya's first gospel reality show dubbed “Oh Sister."

“I am the most loved wife in Kenya. I'm saying this because of the number of prayer requests I get in my DM." she shared


"People telling me to pray for them to get a husband like Kabi all these people being like, 'Milly niombee nipate bwana kama wako' so in that light, of course, Kabi is the most loved husband in Kenya, because there is no way you can be loved if you haven't loved,” Milly happily revealed unable to keep herself from giggling.

milly wa jesus goes weddign riong shopping
milly wa jesus goes weddign riong shopping

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