Milly WaJesus makes financial appeal for brother's white wedding fund

The family wants fans to help her brother have the wedding of his dreams

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The event is supposed to go down in August this year.

Milly WaJesus.
Image: Instagram/Milly WaJesus.

Milly WaJesus' brother Leon held a lavish traditional wedding this past weekend. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ng'ang'a, were very happy for their child who was taking a major step toward adulting.

Leon and his bride Diana were dressed to impress. For the ceremony, family and friends sang and danced as they indulged in the many traditions Kenyans have for pre-weddings.

The WaJesus family was received by the bride's family who were elated to bestow their blessings on their respective children as they await the official ceremony.

The wedding will be held in August. Kabi wrote his delight at welcoming an addition to the larger family.

"What a beautiful weekend it’s been, @millywajesus younger brother @leongracechild took us to Kamba land to pay dowry for his Kamba Babe @diana_keli_mwelu

It was such a beautiful ceremony and a great way to experience a totally different culture (check my stories to get an idea) May your marriage prosper and may God be glorified in your union. YouTube video loading…"

Milly Chebby and Terence Creative contributed some major cash to the couple at the pre-wedding harambee as guests cheered those who donated money.

"Our friends really came through thank you all, you know yourselves," Kabi's wife wrote.

Additionally, Milly announced that she would love her fans to help the couple meet the costs of their dream wedding.

She penned;

"Here is the number where you can send your contributions towards Leonand & Diana white wedding that are coming up soon. Make sure you follow up with a msg saying it's for Leon wedding for the WaJesus family."

Her plea also read,

"Let's be a blessing to this young man and God will bless up while we are at it."

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