7 push gifts Kabi Wajesus has gifted Milly for giving him a second child

He also gifted Milly a brand new Land Rover discovery


• Kabi Wajesus promised to gift his wife Milly Wajesus seven push gifts for giving birth to their second child.

• He gifted her a Land Rover Discovery as a seventh push gift

Kabi Wajesus
Image: Instagram

The Wajesus family, Kabi, and Milly are a celebrity couple that serves us couple goals almost every day.

They love each other publicly and hold each other's hands no matter what happens.

Kabi Wajesus promised to gift his wife Milly Wajesus seven push gifts for giving birth to their second child.

"Since my wife is special to me, and is giving me my second child, I'm going to give her 7 push gifts," Kabi stated.

Below is a compilation of gifts he has given Milly;

1. Baby shower

Their first push gift to Mily was a surprise baby shower. 

 She was treated to a delightful baby shower by her loving partner Kabi wa Jesus.

An emotional and overwhelmed Milly could not thank her spouse enough as she said she has the best husband ever 

2. Suprise Live Band

The father of two surprised his wife with a live band who performed then they celebrated their baby's first day in the world by cutting a cake.

3. Baby's welcome party

The third gift was organizing an entourage to take her home together with the baby from the hospital and a surprise welcome party that Kabi had organized and planned.

4. An iPhone

Kabi revealed that he decided to gift Milly a new iPhone since her phone was acting up.

He got her an iPhone 13 which was an upgrade from her previous phone adding that it was a bigger phone than his.

5. Seats

Milly was excited to be given an opportunity to choose seats that pleased her and Kabi paid for them.

6. House Makeover

The makeover included changing their carpets and curtains to match the brand-new sofa sets that Mily had picked in the previous surprise and also an extension of a wall to fit in a humongous television set.

7. Land Rover Discovery

Kabi gifted his wife a brand new, gloriously swanky Land Rover Discovery two days ago as a seventh “push” gift after blessing him with two beautiful babies.

Sharing the photos on Instagram, Kabi waxed lyrical about his wife, saying that, despite the 'devil's attempt' to rob him of a chance of celebrating his wife, God had proven faithful.

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