Force issues with a man who wants you - Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu has reacted to accusations of forcing issues after latest video with Samidoh

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Karen Nyamu goes on a date with Samidoh.

•Fans accuse her of forcing issues as she fires back 

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Karen Nyamu has invited fans into her world with her baby daddy Samidoh.

The nominated Senator and the musician in a video were sharing a meal and the mother of three appeared happy.

She used an audio of hers from tiktok that sought to remind netizens that she belongs to Samidoh.

The audio was one from a function she attended with him for the 25th anniversary of Kikuyu musician.

During the anniversary celebrations, Nyamu addressed the gathering and introduced herself as 'Karen wa Samidoh', meaning she is officially his, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Using that similar audio, Karen laughed as she opened the phone camera at Samidoh as he ate his food.

She panned back to herself looking smug about it.

The short video has gathered over 300k views and almost as many reactions.

Van Flexy Ken🇰🇪 I want to be Like Samidoh when I grow up...

Denno mash Eddah Typing and deleting😂😂

#eunyben The only thing I fear abt sharing a man is mmoja akicheza vibaya ARVS tunameza wote

One fan pointed out something to Karen, that the Senator was not pleased about.

The fan Judy Wangari Gichure wrote, "You post when you are not on good terms with musikari....we know this trend.🤣🤣🤣"

Karen responded to this person by saying "😂😂 Mathare hospital inakuhusu"

Again another fan accused Karne of forcing issues once again.

Wangari Mathai on the Tiktok video commented: "We are used to ur forcing issues 😅😅"

Karen slammed the Kenyan saying "Nyinyi si mlishindwa ku force. Ona sasa mgekua mnakulwa na love of ur life kama mimi🤣"

Another Kenyan commented on the forcing issues accusation. kijanayameru wrote "sieet😂😂 cheza chini senator, am waiting for you to unite our country in telegram😅"

Karen Nyamu pointed out that "Bora uforce kwa chali anakupenda😃"

Lizbeth Wambui Gathothe kind of side chic I want for my hubby nikijam natumwa Yueees

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