Nana Owiti's curious answer about marriage to King Kaka

• The couple has been facing persistent rumours about the state of their marriage.

nana owiti friday may 17
nana owiti friday may 17

On Fridy 17th, Nana Owiti, the wife to King Kaka kept off the hotly debated matter of how her marriage to the singer is functioning at the moment.

She attended the premiere of his movie Monkey Business in a popular mall, and asked the media to instead address it with her husband, as she was only there to support his career at the premiere.

In an interview with Mpasho, he once again responded to the allegations, after he was told his wife didn't.

"Si alikuwa hapa mbona hamjamhoji?" he demanded to know following a question from the media about the matter.

He was informed that she was leaving the venue of the premier to take the children home and that she said focus should instead be on his business.

"Oh mumeongea? Miniongee? She is a very lovely woman, ako na roho nzuri, ni mrembo, umeone vile amedunga?" he lavished praise on her.

Nana attended the premier wearing a yellow floor length gown (above) that showed off her figure and was accompanied by their three children.

Kaka blew kisses in the air to show his approval of how beautiful his wife is. 

"Ndio ivo, Nana is an amazing woman."

What about persistent rumors that there is trouble in Paradise? He brushed it off saying, "Wambea wanasema? Oh io? sijui sana." 

He pleaded adding, "I addressed it, nilipost vitu mingi, nilisema tu watu wawache kids were here, they have a life to live maze, irregardless of what happens lazima tuheshimu watoi. Do you understand? My daughter will start wondering what's going on. She will be told in school, so let's stop."

Before going on to add, "Today is not family business, today is Monkey Business. WaKenya bana wacheni...mnataka kuharibu kitu nzuri."

Watch the interview below:

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