'I respect other people's husbands...' Karen Nyamu clarifies

This came after she had been criticised by a Kenyan living in the USA

• The politician has faced a lot of criticism since her relationship with Samidoh came to light.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu is a politician who became much more famous after her relationship with baby daddy Samidoh Muchoki emerged, a fact that seems to bedevil her whatever she does online.

A few hours ago, Karen Nyamu posted on her Facebook page saying that she was going to attend a party and invited her fellow Kenyans to come join her.

A Kenyan residing in the United States, Cosmas Ombori, who is well known for speaking his mind, decided to call out Karen Nyamu.

Cosmas commented on the post and told the nominated senator to respect people's husbands which attracted the attention of Kenyans as well as Karen.

"Respect people's husbands," he noted.

A cheeky Karen responded to this by telling him that she does respect them a lot but added something else too.

"I respect and love them," she smartly wrote back.

Cosmas might be calling out Nyamu over her relationship with Samidoh which began after the singer was already married to Edday Nderitu, a woman with whom he already had two kids with.

Since their relationship became public Nyamu, has defended it and has refused to be shamed for having two kids with the already-married Kikuyu musician.

Samidoh himself has also become increasingly comfortable with the relationship and even introduced her as his wife during the funeral of his relative Jeff Mwathi. 

Meanwhile, his first Edday refused to accept a polygamous marriage in an emotional post she made earlier in the year.

In the post, she called out both her husband and Nyamu and many thought that the post might be a signal that she was moving on.

But it seems that things between the two were resolved with Samidoh and Edday presenting a strong and united front over the past two months.

While his two wives might not see eye to eye, it seems that the singer has been able to institute a detente' between them, which is a really good thing for the kids.


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