Otile Brown to treat lady who tattooed his name on her chest out for dinner

The artist had at first offered to go on a simple coffee date with the lady

• The said lady is a fan identified as Kach gly

• She has 2 tattoos of the artist, one on her chest the other on her arm

Kenyan artist Otile Brown set to go on a date with a lady wo got a tattoo of his name on her chest
Image: Instagram

"Dusuma" hitmaker Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown has promised to take the lady who got a tattoo of his name etched on her chest out for a proper dinner date.

This will happen once he jets back into the country.

The singer shared an interview that the lady revealed she was being trolled by people for her decision.

She was also told by friends and strangers alike that the star would never pay notice to a girl like her.

"Lol! Don't mind them @Kachgly you are amazing and I appreciate the love," started off the artist.

He went on to add, 'kienyeji ukuaga yenyewe." Encouraging her not to listen to the hate from the public reminding her that most times haters are just projecting.

The "Baby Love" hitmaker then publicly promises to take the young girl who so far has 2 tattoos in adoration of the artist on a proper date once he jets back to the country from his London tour.

otile brown fan, Kach gly shows off tattoo in his honour
otile brown fan, Kach gly shows off tattoo in his honour

"I will take you out for coffee when I return after my trip to London Inshaallah, thank you." Wrote the artist as he proceeded to add a smiling and love emoji on the post.

He also tagged his manager Noriega on the Instagram post reinforcing the notion that he was serious on hanging out with the girl and wanted it added to his itinerary.

Otile also shared a screen grab of their conversation where the girl had replied to his post thanking him for acknowledging her,

In their conversation Otile highlighted that he'd thought about it and the girl deserved a proper dinner date and not coffee as he'd earlier on promised her.

"Btw, we do a proper dinner date not coffee," wrote Obizee

Otile brown to take fan who tattoed his name on a dinner date

Speaking with Munga Eve youtube channel in an interview Tuesday, May 9 the lady revealed she got the ink job in March this year, and it cost her sh500. "Nilifanya na punch, ni permanent. haiezi toka"

She has a second one that she did not display - one of his moniker Obizee on her hand. She has even gone a step further and put his picture as her Whatsapp profile pic.

What will she do if she ever falls in love with another man who won't want his name on her body? "Hakuna boy amenitafuta. So sioni problem hajaniambia oh toa tatttoo, sijakutana na huyo kijana kwanza nikiptana na yeey labda ndio nisikie atafanya nini"

She will decide her next move if and when she falls in love.

Katch Girl has been crushing on Otile since she was in Class 8. She is a high school drop out.

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