Kenyan woman gets a second tattoo of Otile Brown

The girl has no regrets about her cute tattoo

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She is single and ready to mingle with the artiste
• She is also not clear what she will do if she ever lands another man

otile brown fans hows off tattoo in his honor
otile brown fans hows off tattoo in his honor

A die-hard female fan with a tattoo of Otile Brown's name confessed her adoration for the singer a few days ago.

The obsessed fan has also disclosed that she has a second tattoo that no one else has seen.

She is known as Katch Girl on Instagram. Her love for Otile knows no bounds.

"I'm his biggest fan and also I love him," she told the Munga Eve youtube channel in an interview Tuesday, May 9.

She got the ink job in March this year, and it cost her sh500. "Nilifanya na punch, ni permanent. haiezi toka"

She has a second one that she did not display - one of his name on her chest and the second on her hand for his moniker Obizee.

She has even gone a step further and put his picture as her Whatsapp profile pic.

" Yeah DPO ni yeye, wallpaper ni yeye"

Her grandmother is okay with her decision to have body ink.

What will she do if she ever falls in love with another man who won't want his name on her body? "Hakuna boy amenitafuta. So sioni problem hajaniambia oh toa tatttoo, sijakutana na huyo kijana kwanza nikiptana na yeey labda ndio nisikie atafanya nini"

She will decide her next move if and when she falls in love.

Her friends laughed at her, telling her she is not the type of girl Otile likes to date.

 She insisted she is a humble girl who can give him all the babies he needs.

"Waliniita kienyeji I was told I am just wasting my time" but she remains confident and steadfast.

Katch Girl has been crushing on Otile since she was in Class 8. She is a high school dropout.

"Kitu niliweza kupenda Otile is his love song. I was raised by my grandmother, so hiyo love ya wazazi hakuna so his songs have so much love for me, I began to love him"

She loves his qualities as a man "Otile Brown is very humble, sijasikia scandal mingi about Otile, plus I also saw he supports local talent like akin aKexsil, Jovial as in wako juu"

Otile Brown also recently talked to YouTuber 2mbili and sent her his admiration for getting a tattoo in his honor.

"Otile hajanitafuta bado" She has tried to DM him but he is not replying on his social media.

She also has a song written for him. "I started singing in 2018." She dropped out of school in Form Two because as an orphan her grandmother could not raise the fees.

The song dropped ten days ago. This song has seen a flurry of activities in her DM as well, with many men wanting to date her."Before this no one wanted me, my DM's were dry"

Katch Girl is single after a terrible breakup in 2022.

Other die-hard fans we got to know of this year included a man who proclaimed this love for whistling tiktoer Priscilla wa Imani, plus a girl who advertised her adoration for Comedian Mulamwah.

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