Diamond's video vixen Zuena gets a tattoos of his face

Many wished she had done a good job on the tattoo

• Many criticized the tattoo saying it was badly done.

• Zuwena is the video vixen in Diamond's song 'Zuwena'.

The video vixen has put a tattoo of Diamond Platnumz on her arm.
Zuwena. The video vixen has put a tattoo of Diamond Platnumz on her arm.
Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz's video vixen for his song 'Zuwena' has gotten a tattoo of his face plastered on her arm.

It is not clear why Recho alias Zuwena chose to get that specific tattoo.

Zuwena was left emotional after she went viral for featuring in the singer's project.

Recho Elias who is now referred to as Zuwena broke into tears after meeting Diamond for the first time since she became famous.

"You've made me get respect," she said 

This happened when she was invited to Diamond's offices.

Diamond further asked the Stakeholders of the Performing Arts to give her a chance to showcase the great talent she has and be able to act in different characters.

While giving her flowers to Diamond, Zuwena prayed that the singer never lacks.

(Indeed, God is great and I will trust him more and more in every breath I get. I have received a great reception in this, thanks to you my boss Diamond Platnumz. May God continue to fight for you in your pursuit of life).

known popularly known as Zuwena says she was paid a whopping 17 million Tanzanian shillings (about Ksh 900k) by the singer.

Diamond released his music video to the song 'Zuwena' a few days ago and fans are loving the video vixen.

In an interview with Wasafi Media, Zuwena, revealed;

"Kwanza niseme Diamond popote ulipo, brother, nakushukuru sana. Mungu ampe miaka mia ya kuishi duniani, nililipwa kwa dollar, kwa haraka haraka ni milioni kumi na saba za kitanzania."

(First of all, let me say, Diamond, wherever you are, brother, I thank you very much. May God give him a hundred years to live on earth, I was paid in dollars, it was seventeen million Tanzanian shillings)


"Yeye mwenyewe Diamond alinilipa cash kwenye gari lake." (Diamond himself paid me cash in his car)

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