Ulichoma! Bahati exposes Diana Marua for blacking out during Dubai Vacation

Diana ended up ruining the night by throwing up in a cab.

• Diana Marua blacked out during her night out with Bahati in Dubai.

• The incident left Bahati really embarrassed.

diana marua kisses husband bahati
diana marua kisses husband bahati

Aspiring politician Kevin Bahati has called out his wife Diana Marua after she embarrassed him during a trip to Dubai.

The mother of three blacked out after a night out, she later threw up in a cab something that almost cost Bahati 28,000.

The cash would have been used to clean the car.

Through Diana's tube Channel, Bahati shared

"We had gone for a vacation in Dubai. Two days before our trip back to Kenya Diana said she wanted to go out.

As a supportive husband, I allowed her to go out only for her to go and start grinding on other women. For a minute I was asking myself whether she had joined the LGBTQI community."

Bahati says that at some point Diana blacked out. When they got to the hotel they were staying he had to carry her.

" Diana threw up in the cab. We entered Kempinski while I was carrying her. The driver gave me a lot of trouble. 

I told him to come to the hotel the next morning and collect the 28K he was charging us to wash the car. By the time he came, I had checked out."

Unknown to Bahati, Diana was about to mess up a bit more

"When we got into the room I undressed her and placed her in a corner.I wanted her achapwe na upepo akuwe sober.

I was not ready to pay any more money in case she threw up on the carpet at Kempinski.

I ended up putting her fingers in her mouth so that she could throw up.

All that waste fell on my hands and I had to carry it to the washroom, I felt like throwing up myself."

Bahati warned Diana not to ever say he doesn't love her."I ended up cleaning up the entire room.

Diana on the other hand says

"The problem is that you cannot find Kenyan drinks in Dubai.

So you drink what is available, You end up drinking something that doesn't go well with your kidneys."

Bahati says this is not the first time his wife anachoma, when drunk.

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