Bahati thought Diana Marua was pregnant after a one-night stand with her

The mom of 3 also accused the singer of trapping her with 3 kids

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Bahati wants Diana to tie her tubes.

• She says he is not sincere about his reasons.

Diana Marua and Bahati.
Image: Instagram/Diana Marua

Diana Marua is opening up about why she will never tie her tubes despite pressure from Bahati to stop getting more children.

In a sit down with her husband Bahati, Diana told him that she felt pressured by him to have children.

Diana told him that she was trapped and wondered how he pulled it off yet she had rejected the same pressure from her former exes.

Diana also confessed that she was using birth control and had to fool her exes who were pressuring her to have children for them.

"I know this will sound bad but it is true," Bahati begins as Diana tells him "choma kabisa".

"Mimi ndio nilifanya bibi yangu atoe coil," Diana interjects saying it is a lie.

"Coz you know lies are obviously lies."

Bahati says, "You were lying to your exes that you don't have a coil. You are a mkora."

What does he mean that Diana lied to them that she does not have a coil? He adds, "Sasa unajua labda walidhani wako barren."

They also argued over her use of birth control from their dating days to now when he felt she should be sterilized.

Diana tells her part saying,

"Do you know there's someone who used to come to me ananipatia madoh anasema tupate mtoi and I was like stay woke, you cannot funga me with a child and yes I told him I didn't have a coil so that they keep on trying and say nothing is happening," Diana bragged about her tricks.

She added that this was to encourage them to dump her. "So that they can walk out," she continued.

"Because me I can't just heartbreak them like that they go their own way," Bahati then tells her she is a 'mkora'.

They met when she was a video vixen in his music video. A few months later Bahati wooed her in a well-crafted move.

"Now this night, Baha did that thing, aki nawaambia ukweli and then after guess what Baha calls me 3 days later, ndio contraceptive iwork, the emergency pill, your chances of getting pregnant is 90 percent. He called 3 days later beating around the bush about it."

He wanted to know if she was on birth control or was pregnant, but Diana decided to play games. She thought Bahati was using her like a one-night stand.

"Huyu chali anafikiria nitakuja kwake nimwambie ati ulinipea ball juu wewe ni celeb? Mimi nikasema siwezi," as she already had a coil but chose to keep quiet about it.

She thought it was a one-night stand situation. "By the way, I had a coil, mimi nilijua it's the end of us, like nothing else is going to happen again I thought it was a one-night thing."

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