You owe your success to me - Diana reminds Bahati

They were arguing about having more children when Diana interjected

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•Bahati has told Diana to get sterilized to prove she loves him, but she refuses
• She instead says he wants to have side children

diana marua kisses husband bahati
diana marua kisses husband bahati

Diana and Bahati are sitting on different sides when it comes to closing the chapter on having more children.

They have three children together, but Bahati keeps shifting goalposts about adding to their family.

This led to a heavy argument on their Youtube channel where Diana told him off when he demanded she gets sterilized.

She instead said he is tricking her so that he gets children with someone else.

Diana Marua says she does not trust her husband Bahati when he says he no longer wants more children.

"Do you know how many times you change your mind "

He adds

"So you don't trust me that I don't want any more kids right now?" She says

"I don't know about the future. Yani you want them to close my womb as a true measure of love? After all, I have done for you?

Can I tell you something, do you know that were it not for me you know you would not be having his house? Were it not for me you would not be having 4 cars parked out here "Bahati laughs at her


"wacha kukula glory ya mungu, wacha kubishana na mungu "

Diana insists that she made him

"Were it not for me you would be nowhere, you would be suffering It is the glory of God that has shineth upon me" She tells Bahati.

Bahati instead tells her that he saved her, and she would be stuck as a video vixen and clubgoer were it not for his wooing her to be his wife and mother of his children.

"You trapped me," she blasts him about falling pregnant.

They dated for six months when she fell pregnant.

The couple admitted to many things on her youtube channel about plans for more children.

This followed his attempts to convince her to close her tubes because he is done having more children.

Diana was not convinced and instead accused him of wanting to sire children outside of marriage by following her to get sterilized.

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