False beards,eyelashes,wigs and artificial nails to soon become gold

Our tax colletor at it again.


Our famous saying,"urembo ni gharama" is an about to become an actual story in our country.

Bearded man.
Image: Photos For Class

This is after the National Treasury Cabinet secretary, Njuguna Ndungu ,proposed that a 5% tax increase be exercised on false beards, eyelashes, wigs and artificial nails to raise revenue.

Mentioning of false beards took people by surprise because we all know about the lashes and nails but not false beards.

Majority of females were not okay with this proposed bill as this would mean they have to dig even deeper into their pockets to actually slay.

Some of these products are not even affordable to everyone so you can imagine how expensive it is going to be to get these products or services done once the bill is passed.

One particular user commented , "nikifika bei ya kuafford vitu za baddies ndio mnapandisha bei surely acha nikae basi team natural"

No more being baddies as gen z calls it.

The men were also not left behind in leaving comments that its a good move by the government .

One even said "wueeh...Nkama treasury imechoka na fake makeup"

They seem to forget some of the cost of this items are proudly paid for and incurred by the males for the ladies.

So even they will have to dig deeper into their pockets to satisfy their women's needs and maintain them.

Our beauty and cosmetics industry seems to be under attack as they had already  applied a tax increase on manufacturing of make up products from 10% to 15%  in July 2022.

The saying break the bank to look good is going to be an actual thing for the ladies who downed the tools of team natural.

Beauty indeed does come at a cost and a heavy one for that matter in Kenya.

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