Meet Masai man giving makeup artist Dennis Karauri a run for his money

Koin Kores is quickly gaining fame online

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge


.He is single and ready to mingle, as he confessed recently
.He is a Kajiado native

masai tiktoker koin kores gaining fame online
masai tiktoker koin kores gaining fame online

Being in Nairobi CBD has moments where your jaw will drop. There are so many things happening in the city to capture our attention.

All sorts of characters are there to entertain us.

A masai man named Koin Kores has been catching the attention of city goers.

He is a TikTkoer going by the user name Koin Koreske. He dons his Masai outfits in town, but the most captivating thing about him is his makeup and catwalk.

His makeup is always amazing, that even men are left doing a double take.

It appears he is likely single and ready to mingle. "Big yessss niko soko"

The Kajiado-born native says his DM is in shambles and according to the makeup artiste, things might be looking up "Weh

His TikToks are silent and this got many curious why he does videos silently. "Nitaongea nikifika 100k followers tiktok"

Curious people want to know if he is of the LGBTQ community. He addressed this "Use your five common sense," he stated.

He is 24 years old, based on a Q&A with fans. His birthday is in July.

He describes his hustle as a makeup artiste - fashion stylist-personal stylist.

He loves to play dress up. Reacting to a Mpoasho meme about rich kids from Lavington and Karen dressing down with sweatpants and Crocs, Koin said "Mimi nayo luku lazima natokea mnashangaa kwani Diamond ako area?".

His good looks land him many compliments. And yes he is aware that he drives girls mad "Iko kwa damu, urembo nayo tunayo".

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