DCI Twitter upsets KOT after truthful Arsenal tweet

The investigative branch no longer bears the Twitter blue verification badge

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• DCI Kenya Twitter lost its blue verification.

• It now looks like a parody account and KOT trolling it.

The Twitter account for DCI Kenya has found itself in the crosshairs of Kenyans after a comment about Arsenal.

Arsenal's hopes for a title were dashed on Friday at the Emirates when they drew 3-3 with Southampton, with the gunners scoring 2 goals in the final minutes.

The admin of the Twitter account poked fun at Arsenal writing, "Arsenal inawezapea mtu heart attack."

It did not go down well from there with the account being blasted and told to focus on things like crime.

A tweep @kiperics10 wrote, "This is very unprofessional. Admin use your individual account for such nonsense. Stay professional. Delete this crap."

But DCI did have a response to the attack and didn't back down writing, "Football is a profession like any other please upgrade."

Many Kenyans trolled the account about losing its Twitter blue verification badge after the social media app began stripping accounts of the blue tick on Saturday, April 21 en masse.

Some famous Kenyans have tried to laugh off the events but Kenyans haven't sided with them. Read some comments from Kenyans below;

@WachiraKE_🤣🤣 DCI, please send your sleuths to investigate what's happening to Arsenal...

@pharesKE Admin is feeling it

@ThomasHallu1 Hata nyi mmeachilia badge?

@geoff_wageni Send your sleuths to investigate, some don't have medical covers for heart breaks...

@logotherapyy Mugo ebu ni DM logins niwalipie verification🤓

@itswanjirumuya Pia serikali haijalipia tick

@Stephenoguta6 Bwana remove Arsenal from ua mouth

@__Abdech386 Sasa kaa munawatch arsenali nani atatafuta wezi 🤔

@ocs_001 Admin andika thread yake sasa.


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