Why Manzi wa Kibera was banned from OnlyFans

The socialite has admitted to being on dating sites and charging highly for her time

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The socialite also confesses that she has one child.

• She also has marriage plans for later in life.

Manzi Wa Kibera.
Image: Instagram

Manzi wa Kibera has had a tough life growing up, which has motivated her to find all ways to survive economically.

Speaking to Mwende MAcharia, Manzi told how she lived in a children's home after getting lost and taking drugs and seeking out men for money.

Life in Kibera was so hard that allegedly family members sold her to make money. "It was really hard, going without food for days resorted to such behavior.  The breakthrough came when I tried out work in entertainment in 2015."

She went into peddling, early marriage, got a child, and divorce among other things she described as bad.

"I was ratchet. I was really doing dirty things but I have been rebranding and mentoring young girls not to go through such things."

Manzi wa Kibera confessed that her child - a son- is two years old. She keeps him away from the spotlight to protect him.

"I came on dating sites, many of them, I get men, they give me money. I want a good life and if a man says he will give me 50k or 30, I won't refuse."

She says she doesn't come cheap. "50k, 1 million is my price range." She uses the money to run her foundation for girls.

She said she was also banned from OnlyFans because she went overboard. (adults should understand)

She doesn't mind if her son finds out what she does for a living, "Mi sioni ubaya wacha ajue ndio ajue in future kutreat mwananmke."

Manzi wa Kibera has also opened up about her generous backside saying it wasn't real.

She admitted to taking pills daily to grow her backside. "Siwezi danganya hii yangu ya kuitafutia, si ya kuzaliwa ni manmade, huwezi zaliwa hivi tusidanganye, huwezi zaliwa hivi unless umepitia kwa kisu ama umemeza dawa."

She drinks the pills daily and has been doing this for two years. She doesn't want to get too big because she wants a mzungu husband eventually. So her 66-year-old Kamba bae is not the ultimate goal?

Manzi said, "Okay huyo mzee kusema ukweli mimi venye nimekaa na yeye na zile pressure ana pitia mi sioni akikaa sana. As in sioni akikaa sana kwa hii dunia kusema tuu ukweli ya mungu unaona. Yeye huwa na changamoto mingi anadunga mashindano za diabetes na nini so in future naangalia ka brown skin hivi mbele."

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