Wahu was worried she would be eaten by hippos on wedding day

The couple has been married for more than 18 years and have 3 daughters together

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The two recently sat down and spoke to Ben Cyco and his wife Wanjiru on their podcast.

Nameless and Wahu.
Image: Instagram

This week Wahu and Nameless opened up about their wedding and relationship in a podcast with Ben Cyco and his wife Wanjiru.

The two got engaged while in college where Nameless says he told Wahu he has intentions of proposing to her at some point. The words he specifically used were 'Niko na mpango,' according to Wahu.

"I proposed to propose," Nameless shared as Wahu insisted; "He engaged to be engaged when we were still in college those days you know it's so long." 

"So 2003 is when I told her we skiza niko na mpango but I wasn't ready like I didn't feel like I was ready so that's why I was telling her," he defended his actions.

Nameless was asked if he was close to tears when Wahu walked down the aisle. He said yes he was emotional but masculine toxicity would not allow him. 

He asked Wahu to ride to the venue in a boat, "I had a vision I was having and when we went to the place where we would do the wedding and I told her I want you to come in a boat and she was like zi manze."

Wahu said that she suffered major anxiety about his request. She was afraid the boat would capsize and be eaten by hippos in the lake.

She laughed adding, "Can you imagine if you die on your wedding day? Utaambia wasee nini ati nimekulwa na hippo. I was like if this boat capsizes, and he was like 'no'. That was a very anxious ride for me."

Nameless found the moment very beautiful and captivating. "Watching her come down and seeing her come down dressed in a very nice gown I was like this is amazing, her walking down and playing African Queen and for me that was a nice day for us."

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