The rise and rise of Sam West, Vivianne's ex-husband

Sam West is currently in the US for a one month tour.

• Sam West is the founder and owner of  Hero FM which is based in Nakuru.

• He is also former music manager to Kenyan singer Vivianne.

Sam West and his ex wife Vivianne.

For years Sam West was known as Viviane's husband.

Unknown to many he was a man of means even before the two became public about their relationship.

Many might argue that Vivian made Sam West known which might be true, but his craft is what has made him remain relevant all these years.

The creative made his first million in his early twenties after selling a 'film' to Mnet DSTV.

Unknown to many Sam who was an A student dropped out of Medicine school to pursue his passion.

According to him, Medicine wasn't his calling.

The 34-year-old is an acute businessman. West was born to the late Weston Gitonga and his wife Violet.

Unlike him, his two sisters prefer living their lives on social media.

In 2017 Sam West became the talk of the town after he proposed to his now ex-wife Vivianne on national TV.

The two became a powerful couple loved by many. For years Sam West worked as Vivianne's music manager.

Behind the scenes, he operated a successful business as the founder of Community-based radio dubbed Hero FM.

He is also the founder of  Kingdom Nation which offers motivational speaking services to schools and companies.

Speaking to, Sam said running the station since 2010 hasn't been easy adding that given a chance he would still do it.

"Radio is the most misunderstood business. It's all about getting numbers so that you can attract clients to advertise with you.

But sometimes the numbers require money from advertisers to help you get the numbers through training, public events, etc.

Running a radio station means having to balance the business, attention, and entertainment aspect because you also want to make money.


His families has however not been spared from pain.

Sam's younger brother died by suicide in 2015.

At the time the young man had been suspended from school and was expected to report back with a parent.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Sam shared, "Losing a loved one through suicide is traumatizing. You always ask yourself questions on whether there was something that could have been done to save the person.

You always ask why it happened, what triggered them, Blame games are a big thing. Before you think of committing suicide, think twice. We have no control of our own lives.

Our lives are intertwined with other people , whatever you do just remember other people are affected."

In 2018 Sam lost his dad, Weston Gitonga who was an aspiring politician.

The late had in 2017 vied for a political seat in Laikipia but never got the chance to lead.

The motivational speaker hopes to vie for a political seat in 2027 to fulfill his dad's wish.

In the mean time Sam has been keeping himself with motivational speaking.

In 2022 he attended more than 600 schools offering them his services.

He was also invited to Rwanda to motivate students in different schools.

Sam is currently on a one month US tour.

He is definitely eating life with a big spoon.

In case you are wondering of his relationship status,he is single after breaking up with his bae Vivianne.

Although the couple did not reveal what broke them up, the  mother of one confirmed that it is Sam West who chose to walk out of the relationship.

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