Paula Kajala addresses claim she infected Harmonize and Rayvanny with a UTI

This comes after Mwijaku asked Marioo to be smart when dealing with Frida Kajala's daughter


• Paula, sarcastically criticized Mwijaku for calling the medicine to treat bacteria in the body 'power safe' instead of 'Powercef'.

Harmonize, Paula Kajala and Rayvanny.
Image: Instagram

Model Paula Kajala has finally broken her silence after actor Burton Mwemba aka Mwijaku raised allegations that she infected Harmonize and Rayvanny with diseases in the past.

Last week, Mwijaku warned Marioo about actress Frida Kajala's daughter, claiming that she once infected the two stars with urinary tract diseases.

The actor claimed that the two had to be given several injections to be cured and thus urged Marioo to protect himself. This was after the singer hinted at a relationship with Paula.

"Be safe my little one because Kondeboy and Vanny Boy were treated for U.T.I's with five power safe injections. @marioo_tz," he said.

While responding to the claims of the Clouds Media presenter, the 20-year-old model sarcastically criticized Mwijaku for calling the medicine to treat bacteria in the body 'power safe' instead of 'Powercef'.

"It's powercef not power safe guys," she wrote on Instagram. In recent days, Paula has been seen hanging out with Bongo star, Omary Mwanga aka Marioo and there have been hints that she will be featured in the musician's next song video.

It is not clear if the two are dating but they have definitely admitted that they love each other. On Saturday, Marioo praised the beauty of the 20-year-old model and noted that he loves her.

"Imagine a raw baby like this one loving you.. @therealpaulahkajala #ananipenda is coming soon," Marioo wrote under a Tiktok video of Paula playing her new song 'Ananipenda.'

While responding to the Instagram post, Paula said she wished they had met earlier.

"I wish I could have met you earlier," he wrote and attached emojis that indicated deep love for him. Marioo continued to recognize the model as his favorite.

These events happened only about a week after Rayvanny and Fahyma aka Fayvanny confirmed the revival of their relationship that broke up about three years ago.

Rayvanny and Paula started dating in 2021 before their controversial split. Harmonize allegedly tried his luck with the model while dating her mother, Kajala Masanja.

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