Cebbie Koks mocked for missing Akothee's wedding

It is rumoured the two sisters do not see eye to eye

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The source of their beef remains a mystery.

• Akothee hinted Cebbie would not be invited.

in the happy past
Cebbie with Akothee in the happy past
Image: Instagram

Cebbie Koks, the sister to Kenyan singer Akothee did not attend her sister's Easter holiday wedding, something that Kenyans are criticising her for.

From the horse-drawn carriage to the fabulous money gifts she was showered with, Cebbie missed it all.

Instead, Cebbie appeared to have been in Kisumu for a Plus Size women's event. She showed off her look and was joined by two friends on her TikTok account.

"Hi guys we are here for Kisumu plus size fashion. This is Imperial Sarova," Cebbie announced.

cebbie koks not invited to sisters wedding
cebbie koks not invited to sisters wedding

But Kenyans commenting under the post reminded her that the only thing they wanted to pay attention to is Akothee's wedding.

Others mocked her for being left out of the wedding over sibling rivalry as the two sisters have not been seeing eye to eye over an undisclosed beef.

Read some of the comments from Kenyans who made their thoughts known below;

mercilitahleo tumekua team swiss vs Kenya io ndo imebamba world wide.. thank you very important 💯✔️❤️

mercellinah😃 its akothes wedding. the rest of the things arent imprtant

user2646608904920 Akoth's wedding was awesome..have you seen the pictures yet

user297122401643 Ndio at times in some families bigger siblings are scared of supporting the younger ones... Juu ya roho chafu

Lizlizzy The wedding was lit,,,,Akothee congratulation

dabss 😂😂I'm pretty sure you dieing was fiiiieiiireeeeee

user3814225813056 hatuna Haja na plus size 😂😂congratulations akothee

shilla86 we are at the wedding its more importanter😂😂😂

Phanice Mjomba hatutambui plus size zenu!! congratulations 👏👏👏👏 madam boss

shrivabush Wacha tumalize akothee wedding kwanzawe are all happy

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