Mulamwah: Women want my babies but I'm too young for love

He has a baby with Sonnie

• Mulamwah says his DM is on fire with women wanting his cue genes

• They do not want to date him but just get pregnant for him

Comedian Mulamwah
Comedian Mulamwah

Comedian Mulamwah says women are thirsting over him.

The comedian says that after they saw his daughter with Carrol Sonnie, they are now working hard to trap him so they get pregnant.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Mulamwah said he is not at peace as women are chasing him all over.

"Women are sending me DMs everywhere. They have seen my child is cute and they now want a baby with me. They do not want relationships," he alleged.

"They tell me, 'I just want a baby with you' but I tell them I am not yet ready. They are disturbing me. Ladies are now even not concentrating on the content I give. They are just looking at how hot I am."

Mulamwah who was finely dressed was asked the secret behind his young looks.

He said peace is all that has made him that cute and not skin routine.

"If you are not cute even skin care routine will not work. The more I grow, the more I become cute. I now even have beards."

Asked about how fatherhood is, he said he is planning even more.

"I am enjoying life but for now I am okay. I am too young to date and find love."

He described Prince Indah as a humble artiste who supports his friends in the industry.

"Everything I post as long as it is funny, he will repost and that is support to me. He is very good friend of mine and very humble and that is why I came to support him."

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