Prominent personalities embroiled in murder cases (List)

May their souls rest in peace.

• Moses Dola stabbed his journalist wife Wambui Dola to death.

• He was sentenced to 10 years.

Jail Cell

We take a look at prominent people whose careers became tainted because of murder charges brought up against them.

Some of these cases have been concluded but some are not.

1. Moses Dola

The former journalist was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of his wife Wambui Kabiru.

Judge Roselyne Korir on October 5, 2018 found Moses Dola guilty of manslaughter and ordered cancellation of his bond terms.

He said on the material day he woke up at 7.30am, headed to the sitting room and started playing gospel music which beamed in all rooms.

He then went back to the bedroom where Kabiru was sleeping. The late Wambui allegedly questioned why he played loud music while she and their son were asleep.

The two fought over radio volume.

Former journalist Moses Dola sentenced fro killing his wife.

2. Jacque Maribe

Maribe and her ex-boyfriend Jowie Irungu are accused of killing Monica Kimani.

The two have a case to answer.

 The businesswoman was found murdered at her apartment in Kilimani on September 19, 2018.

Joe Irungu a.k.a Jowie
Jacque Maribe with Joe Irungu a.k.a Jowie
Image: Instagram

3. Louis Otieno

Former media personality Louis Otieno was a murder suspect in the death of Careen Chepchumba.

Ms Chepchumba was found dead in her apartment at Santonia Court in Kilimani, Nairobi, on Valentine’s Day, 2012. 

She was alleged to be Otieno's girlfriend something he strongly denied. Chepchumba died aged 26 at the time of her death.

4. Okoth Obado

Former Migori governor Okoth Obado was arrested and charged with the gruesome murder of his then girlfriend Sharon Otieno and her unborn child.

An autopsy report showed the mum-to-be had been strangled, raped and stabbed to death.

The case has never been concluded.

the Migori Governor
Okoth Obado the Migori Governor
Image: Enos Teche

5. Maxine Wahome

 Rally driver Maxine Wahome is the latest suspect to be arrested and charged for the murder of her boyfriend Asad Khan.

According to the report, Maxine had been in a relationship with the deceased for three years and had been staying together at the deceased’s rented apartment at Oloitokitok road in Kileleshwa for one year and six months.

 Asad  passed on due to injuries he sustained during an altercation with Maxine Wahome.

Maxine Wahome smiling
Image: courtesy

6. Esther Arunga

 The former journalist was arrested for the murder of her son Sinclair Timberlake in 2014.

She was however given a 10 months sentence.

She appeared before an Australian court where she was charged with lying to police on the circumstances that led to the death of then three-year-old Sinclair in Kallangur, Queensland.

7. DJ Fatxo

Although he has not officially been charged, Fatxo is the main suspect in the murder of Jeff Mwathi.

Jeff's body has since been exhumed for a fresh autopsy.

DJ Fatxo he is a suspect in the death of Jeff Mwathi.

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