We were to wed in December- Baba Mona's girlfriend reveals

Nancy says she will always love Baba Mona even in death.

• Nancy and Baba Mona were public about their relationship.

• They had recently been on a vacation together before Baba mona's untimely death.

Baba mona's girlfriend Nancy during his burial.

Baba Mona's girlfriend Nancy has revealed they were to tie the knot in December.

She was speaking during Baba Mona's burial.

"24th of April he was to come to visit the parents.

"We were supposed to wed in December, I thought we would have a white wedding but we are now having a black wedding.

"Kelvin is not dead he is just sleeping.

"He has gone ahead to prepare a home for us, I know I will see him again in heaven."

Nancy talked of her relationship with the father-daughter duo (Mona and Baba Mona)

"When I met Baba Mona he was a single dad. What I loved about him is how he took care of his daughter Mona.

I took in the little girl as mine even though she knows her biological mum that is why she calls me Nancy."

She further praised him for being a good dad

Baba Mona is a hero, I have never met anyone who would take care of a child the way he did.

He would take Mona to school before preparing for work. After school, he would cook and ensure she does her homework."

May Kevin Oselu alias Baba Mona and his daughter Mona involved in an accident at Londiani on Friday

Baba Mona, his daughter Mona and his sister Connie were laid to rest in an emotional ceremony in Awasi Kisumu county on Saturday.

The funeral ceremony was attended by Thousands of content Creators, family, and friends.

Content Creators who attended the funeral ceremony included Mama Jacky, Akenya, Asoro, Mtumba Man, and Leah Alingo.

They eulogized Baba Mona as a women’s rights defender who gave a voice to single mothers.

Content creators had been working closely with the family and had raised Sh2.6 million to help with the burial.

On Friday, mourners gathered at the Star mortuary to view the bodies of Kevin, Connie and Mona.

Mourners were dressed in black tshirts with baby Mona's picture.

The fans paid their last respect to the Tiktoker before his body left the mortuary for burial at his father's home.

The funeral procession brought Kisumu City to a standstill. The high-end hearse carried Baba Mona, Baba Mona’s sister and Mona’s white coffins.

One of Baba Mona’s sisters, Belinda Awuor Oselu was buried on March 15 at her marital home in Ayweyo, Kisumu county.

Baba Mona died in a grisly road accident that claimed the lives of his two sisters and his daughter Mona.

They were traveling from their home to Nairobi when their vehicle lost control and rolled killing them all on the spot.

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