• He owns several high end vehicles
• They are not your regular vehicles as he tells

kvin obia posing next to his car
kvin obia posing next to his car

Businessman Kevin Obia is a man living in good times.The flamboyant businessman has taken to his social media to show Kenyans how he is living in the lap of luxury.

In his videos, Obia showed the keys belonging to five high-end cars, captioning that life is good.

"My whips got remote controls, not car keys" he bragged.

On his Instagram, he leaves Kenyans in awe as he shows off his fleet of rides. Most of his pictures or videos are in his parking kot where we get a glimpse of what he drives.

Car enthusiasts like to comment how his lifestyle is so impressive and they too would like this kind of lavish life.

Some have number plates while others appear to be new.

Here are some quotes he shares about his lifestyle:-

1.I made it here from scratch…No Godfathers, No Favors, No Corrupt Parents, No Handouts….just HATERS

2. Being Broke is Hard, Being Rich is even Harder….Choose Your Hard and go HARDD!! .

3.You’re either motivated and inspired OR simply hating….either way, give a nigga his 🌺-

4. The Elevator to the 🔝 was too crowded so I took the stairs on my way 🆙- The TRUTH is levels are different and there’s no competition….That’s why RESPECTFULLY, U can never be me, and DISRESPECTFULLY, I would never want to be You.#ko’tic-

5. My panache is so subtle and aesthetically fastidious with ruthless finesse and utmost nobility 💥-When they can’t smash your dreams, they’ll always try to assassinate your character. Keep your head up

kevin obia shows off cars
kevin obia shows off cars

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