Adele - I have always been bullied for my teeth

• Adelle quit radio to focus on her Podcast 'Legally Clueless.'

Adelle Onyango.

Former Kiss presenter Adelle Onyango has told of bullies who troll her over her dental formula.

The podcaster says her teeth have always been criticized by many, adding that despite that she loved her smile.

She went ahead to flaunt a photo of herself on a billboard, asking Kenyan to learn to embrace their bodies. 

"All through my career, I've been bullied about my teeth. I find it so strange. I have always loved my smile - it's genuine, so effortless, and now, all over friggin Nairobi.

Every time you see it remember to: love your body, there is beauty in diversity."

Adelle Onyango on a bill board.
Image: Facebook

Her fans have encouraged her saying she is more than her teeth.

Topnewsupdates:  Adelle Onyango i love your smile, you actually inspired me to venture into media.. I remember one Sunday you picked my call at KISS and I have never been happier.

Kamal Kaur: I’d know that beautiful smile from anywhere. I have crooked teeth. Always being told to straighten them. People just don’t mind their business!

Ruth Chidui: You have a beautiful heart  and a beautiful smile,we love you Adelle.

Vee Smiley Kemunto: Whaaaat .. Na vile mimi napenda meno zimepandiliana.. It brings out the smile effortlessly and naturally... Those bullies do not know beauty..Adelle Onyango I love you for free.

Jacque Simoné: I first saw this at Mbagathi Road and my heart smiled... you're an inspiration to pple battling low self esteem that loving yourself the way u are is si ati you don't have the ability kueka braces but you choose not to, coz you love yourself just the way you someone said apo juu, do you, the world will adjust.

Sheero Rukwaro: And the way you have a natural smile that makes you look charismatic. Everyone has imperfections of some sort so it's up to use those imperfections to appreciate the perfect bits on us.

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