Maureen Kunga's interaction with fans over her latest photo will leave you in stitches

Maureen has reacted to all the lovely comments about her

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Some of the flirty messages made her giggle

•Meanwhile, fans also demanded that the musical group Elani make a comeback and release music.

maureen kunga glow up
maureen kunga glow up

Singer Maureen Kunga has been left in stitches by a section of Kenyans online after she recently shared a picture of her latest look.

The former Elani singer shared a picture of her face noting that she looked good.

"Like fine wine. Obviously 😜" she captioned it.

Fans appeared to agree. They complimented her widely and yes like always the simps carried the day.

While some comments were super flirty, others were quite creative, cheesy, and overused.

But she was amused by it all and responded to these cute funny pickup lines that attempted to win her over.

@ole_ppaps..."Check mpesa." She told him "It seems like I didn't receive it. Confirm which number you sent to 😂"

Another @arnoldi254 tried to convince her "Ukireply hii naweka kwa billboard." 

Maureen obliged "Here you go 😃" she told him.

@jah_creature tagged her to get her attention "Lakiniiii🤔ukianguza hio unga kwa uso bado itakua fine wine kweli...........?. Maureen added "Hapana"

@boss_bosire Choosing between what I'm about to tweet and my integrity.

@WILLANNO13 Nikunywe, please. Am the real wine and fine and gold.

@DanClah Send rates za kukua personal lawyer.

@MkambaFlani Unakuwanga keki😂

Guys first of all, Maureen is a married woman. But anyway let us go ahead and show how some of you are simping.

Meanwhile, fans also demanded that the musical group Elani make a comeback and release music.

@JamieButon Elani waache upuzi waimbe tena gui icio zilitupea ngoma kumi mzito wakaondokea story the bas****ds

Many said they felt they were left in limbo yet the trio had been releasing good music.

Maureen said "😂😂😂😂 Weeeh! Pole bas."

@toon_dawg mandem needs you.....tumechoshwa na hizi nyimbo za KRG na Diana

@ArochophilemonBro...I remember those days I was in love and they kept me going...

@Gates_020 Ati am going kukuku....,dem days mehn. Alafu wakahepa ivo

@ElphasOdongiSomeone finally said it! 🤣. We need more songs

@WayneMwathi1 had the best RnB back when I was in high school Can we get at least one last album

Here are more beautiful pictures of Maureen to celebrate this gorgeous lawyer.

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