Riggy G walked without underwear for 17 years

The politician has a knack for speaking his mind

• The Deputy President comes from a very humble background.

• He met with alumni from his High School and reminisced on his past at the school.

Rigathi Gachagua.
Image: The-Star

Rigathi Gachagua aka Riggy G the interesting (to say the least)  deputy president made a very shocking revelation yesterday.

Riggy revealed that he had worn his first underwear when he was in form two which can make sense considering the fact that he came from a humble background.

He made the revelation after meeting his secondary mates, at his office in Harambee Annex, Nairobi. “My first underwear I bought while in form two, a 007,” Mr. Gachagua said.

That would correlate to the year 1982 when he was in form two, according to his disclosure.

He went on to explain that due to the lack of finances in his household, underwear ranked low in the list of priorities for his mom.

“It was not a priority for my mother to wear an underwear…wewe wacha tulipe school fees kwanza hayo mengine tutapangana mbele,” a statement that cracked his fellow alumni.

“Some of us wore shoes the first time in Kianyaga High…We have a story to tell,” he said of a school he attended between 1978 and 1983.

He finished by promising that he would soon visit the school to offer mentorship.

“This is a very emotional reunion formula. I am very excited to see you again, I thank you; I am happy for you. Kianyaga is now on the Kenyan map, and we owe gratitude to that institution."

While his revelation above might be too much for some, Rigathi has proven in the past few months that he will not be muzzled and will always speak his mind, the consequences be damned.

Just last week, Rigathi let out that he gives his wife, the second lady Sh3,000 for her salon costs, something that shocked many considering his Sh1.4 million salary!

That disclosure caused a hullabaloo with Kenyan men online deciding to make hilarious memes about it so much so that he begged that men wouldn't reduce what they were already spending on their ladies because of what he had said.

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