'I want you' - Tiktoker Brian Chira admits he loves Andrew Kibe

Brian Chira has set his sights on Andrew Kibe

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•Men with beards are highly sought after in Kenya

•Netizns are amused at Chiras comments

Brian Chira confirms he is HIV positive

Tiktoker Brian Chira has set his sights on social commentator Andrew Kibe.

In a hilarious video on his TikTok, Brian confesses his deep admiration and love for Andrew Kibe's beards.

"Naitwa Chira Brian Chira, kibe, Kibe Andrew Kibe aki nimetafuta ni wewe tuu kwanza hizo beards oh my God, you are cute, weuh, Me I want you, "

He adds that he has had a long-time crush on the former Kiss FM presenter.

"Me I want you ebu come to kiss these lips, "

In the video that has gone viral, Chira urges netizens to tag Kifee, as he is popularly referred to.

He adds in his caption of the video

"Someone tag Kibe for me" adding a laughing emoji.

Here are reactions from his followers on TikTok.

Many are warning Brian that he has no idea the kind of reaction Kibe will have to his advances.

Fatuma Mamake❤️❤️❤️nanii anawait respond ya kibe kaa mm😂😂😂

Alimlim: Kibee akireply niitwe😂😂maze1016IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN 😁😁😁😁

Otieno: I'm screaming!!😭"kiss these lips..bheeehe!"😭😂😂

Nancy: Huyu alitoroka madhare alingojea madaktari wako meeting na akapiitia kwa fence coz huyu hangepewa gate pass na hii uchizi freshy😅

Sheila Kanyambu: It's about to go doooown.....wait for it😂

iamtommy_vibes: You are joking with the wrong person😂😂your self esteem itaenda chini in a moment😂😂

Brian gained fame early this year after narrating in a TV interview how he witnessed an accident.

“My name is Chira, I am called Brian Chira and I saw the whole accident. It happened that a lorry was coming up from the other side and there was a matatu. And then (he said after pausing, closing his eyes and smiling), suddenly, there were cries from people around, nduru nduru, and then we came out of the…so it happened that there were two ladies out of the matatu and they were beheaded. It’s tragic,” began Chira as those around him kept wondering and asking aloud what was wrong with him.

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