Amira's detailed account of her failed marriage to Jimal

After sharing pregnancy report, Amira has told her side of her story regarding their marriage

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Amira has told a different account of their marriage
• The two exes have been slandering each other online

in the past
Jimal Rohosafi with Amira in the past
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Amira has painted a picture of being mistreated and denied basic rights by her ex-husband Jimal Roho Safi.

This was in total contrast to Jimal who told that he fully financially supported his wife, but she was ungrateful.

Amira on Friday, March 10, 2023, went live on Instagram to recount their terrible marriage.Here are the details below.

According to Amira Jamal was having an affair with a woman named Catherine at the time Amira was heavily pregnant with their second child.

The affair went on until she gave birth when Jimal became violent. She claimed he even hit their second child, prompting her to leave their home.

She did biashara to provide for her children as a single mum. She used to sell second-hand clothes sourced from Gikomba.

Since she lived close to his mother, the old woman babysat her boys when she left home early for Gikomba.

Amira looked for a job in Dubai of hardship in Kenya. She flew out and her first job was as a nanny. She would visit her kids in Kenya when she could. She did this for several years.

Jimal would however visit Dubai and tell her friends to intervene to ask her to return to Kenya as the children were suffering without their mother.

She gave him conditions for her return that included buying her a house.She returned in 2021, but soon after she noticed red flags about Jamal who told her not to question his frequent disappearing from home.

Amira found out he was dating Amber.

He stopped providing basic needs for his family and as she begged him for money, he would demand conjugal rights if she needed his cash.Amira alleges Jimal forced her to go for IVF treatments to get pregnant.

"I felt that Jamal wanted me to get pregnant ndio anifungie"

She did fall pregnant but sadly, miscarried.

"I remember this time there was a wedding in my house and Jamal alinipiga was in front of his family who were encouraging him"He left her bleeding and went to Amber Ray's house where he spent the night again.

She recalled another incident where Jimal brought another girlfriend Catherine, to her house and she found her bedroom in a mess.

The woman in question is Jimal's second wife and Amira said they have a child together. Other incidences she spoke about include her car being repossessed over debts.

She went further to explain his narcissistic ways but added she staying in that toxic relationship affected her.

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