A timeline of events leading to Jimal and Amira's divorce

Here are all the things that led to the divorce between Amira and Jimal

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.Jimal has opened up in a tell all interview
.The two exes have been slandering each other

in the past
Jimal Rohosafi with Amira in the past
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Jimal and Amira have been slandering each other the past few days since the ex-wife described him in unflowering terms.

Jimal has now come to reveal the events that led to the breakdown of their marriage.

The two dated when they were both in High school. They started their relationship while in form two.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Jimal told how Amira felt she owned him.

"You cannot own a man you must give him space, let him just do his own things. Muslims are allowed to marry up to four. Before tuanze kuenda kwa social media, she used to wake up anatukana Amber yani things escalated, to another level. She used to wake up early to abuse us online," Jimal alleged.

He claimed Amber was peaceful and never wanted confrontations, but it still happened.

"That is why alihama mapema ajitoe kwa hii."

Did they discuss with Amira about polygamy?

"Kwanza hii narrtive ati tumetoka mbali, that is bul****. I'm a self-made millionaire. I work hard for my own money and even when she was in High School Form two we were meeting, I used to buy her phones. I sacrifice my own money nambuyia simu I buy her shoes, I buy everything,".

Jimal added; "I hate that word ati tumtoka far,".

When they completed high school, Amira feel pregnant and his family was not happy with her.

"They didn't believe that I could marry a Kikuyu so I changed the narrative na I married her"

He was supposed to pursue Aviation but he used that money to start a matatu business.

They lived together for five years when Amira walked out of their marriage.

"I think she felt she didn't enjoy her youth there was a lot of long stori between pale, of course, yeye ndiye alikuwa na makosa mingi cheating here and there and all those things, tukadecide to part ways, around 2017,".

He was left to care for the children "I decided to look after them for the last six years".

She was a Gikomba trader but later got a visa to work in Dubai as a househelp.

"She worked there for six years, and before her expiry went to Jumeira as a lifeguard"

Her salary was Sh60k.

"My brother-in-law talked to me, we healed, and was my friend. He told me that I should forgive her"

She used to complain about back problems; "I was told to take her back coz she was in and out of the hospital in Dubai"

Matatu Owners Association (MOA) chairman Jamal ‘Roho Safi’
Matatu Owners Association (MOA) chairman Jamal ‘Roho Safi’

He took her back and she thanked him. He allocated her a house and furnished it.

"I furnished it with more than 7 million, I made sure she was living well with the children"

They lived very well, but Amber was in the picture as a friend "Yeye alipata Amber kwa hiyo estate, we knew each other as neighbors. I had been with Amber as a buddy, so Amira found us living there already."

He and Amber decided to date, because he was still not close to Amira, and he insisted he had told Amira that she was there for the kids only.

He also told Amira that he did not want any more kids with her - insisting that he had told Amira that he was dating Amber.

"Si ati hakuwa anajua. There was no way ati I would stamp and tell her I'm married. You cannot just go and tell her I'm dating, so I took time to tell Amira, and I told her I would come to marry a second wife if these things are not working out,".

The two women started fighting and Amira started demanding an apology.

"She wanted me to apologize like Harmonize I buy a Range Rover, I told her I am a business person siokoti pesa chini."

Amber had left her home over the constant fights. Jimal told Mungai Eve that he decided to work on his marriage and family life. She forced him to post a public apology on Instagram "she typed the message and took almost one hour she even told me which picture to post,".

She posted it on his Instagram. Amira left for Tanzania to see a friend over a business deal.

"I see her writing that she will address the nation. Then I called her to find out why she is clout chasing."

She returned and said she will not forgive him, despite their agreement she would take his apology.

They argued over her need for fame online, which was affecting their working things out

"I told her not to forget that Amber made her famous, so she is grateful".

It was God's time he said about Amber leaving "Everyone was idle at that time, Kenya nzima so hizo madrama hizo zote pia she also got fame" he said about claims that Amber ray made him popular.

Jimal told Eve that a lot of his arguments with Amira were about Amber.

"It was a win-win situation so I cannot say anything bad about Amber because yeye alikuwa is genuinely in love and even when we were dating I didn't know Amber was famous. the funniest thing, I only knew she was Amber that's it"

Jimal added that Amira's obsession with amber led to more conflict in their marriage.

"I told her not to forget that Amber made her famous and that constantly bringing up my mistakes was wrong.

He also added that they both had egos, and wouldn't back down in arguments.

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